How to Create OwnCloud on-line Hosting Credit account

seedbox How to Lay OwnCloud on a Hosting Account OwnCloud is a web site application that s realistically similar to Google Create or DropBox, except you host it on private server or hosting consideration.

The benefit of really seriously . ultimately privacy, and it really is often cheaper than spending money on something like DropBox, consequence the cost of Seedbox web hosting accounts currently being super low nowadays. OwnCloud also has an file encryption feature which plays in the privacy aspect. Steps Bout Downloading OwnCloud Open internet browser and navigate towards the following URL httpsowncloud.orginstall Subject to section , “Get ownCloud Server”, select Download. Find option on the right, “Download ownCloud Server”. Visit the “Web Installer”. Right hit “Download ownCloud Web Installer” and select “Save Network As ” Part Importing the File to A Hosting Account Upload how the file to your web hosting service account.

To do this, please login at your cPanel hosting key pad. This will be provided a person when you purchase Seedbox web web page account from your own provider of investment. Scroll down and navigate to all FILES tab. Of there, select a File Manager option. Double click the “public_html” folder enter into it. Here are going to upload the data file you downloaded in the old days Upload the data we downloaded in the past by pressing specific upload button inside of the navigation bar. Go for setup-owncloud.php to load it. Part Establishing the Database Return to to the cPanel control panel after navigating to one particular cPanel URL, soon after locate the Data banks tab, and choose MySQL Database Guru button.

Select a good name for your database. On example, you might “ocloud”. Make specific you copy complete database name, store it with a plan because you lmost all need it lower. Select a name for your data user. You nicely name the customer base user “ocloud” also. Make sure you copy complete database username, but store it a location because you lmost all need it eventually. For example, mine is wikhow_ocloud. Produce a random password when using the Password Generator option. Grant your database all privileges.